If you have received a .s3v file and you want to see it, please,
download and install:

download Smart3dViewer 1.0 (free)

Administrator permissions are required install Smart3dViewer
Software Requirements:
Windows® (XP,Vista,7) 32bit or 64 bit
Framework .NET 3.5
Hardware Requirements:
A graphic card that supports, at a minimum, Shader Model 1.1, and DirectX 9.0c
We recommend using a graphics card that supports Shader Model 2.0
list of supported video cards
NOTE: Smart3dViewer can only open files exported with Smart3dCreator (for Rhino)

Smart3dViewer is a Stand Alone software that allows Your customers to see your models whithout using McNeel Rhinoceros®

Key Features of Smart3dViewer:
  • It's free! You and your customers can download it and use it for free.
  • Texture, colors and transparencies are supported. You can export (with Smart3dCreator) all the textures you wish from Rhino in the s3v file, giving a professional real time render to your customer!
  • It uses a proprietary file. Your customers can only visualize the .s3v proprietary file of your model and they can not change it.
  • Has a Bullet Proof protection. There is no way to have back a 3dm or mesh file.

Here you can see an example of the quality of Smart3d Viewer

Download some examples and use Smart3dViewer to see the results:

example-ring4.s3v  an example of a jewellery ring file exported with colors and textures
example-ring5.s3v a jewellery ring file exported with colors and textures (the file has been exported at the maximum quality: about 13Mb)
example-stones.s3v  another jewellery example

download Smart3dViewer 1.0 (free)

If you want to create a Smart3dViewer file from Rhino, please visit the Smart3dCreator page.