Smart3d StudioPRO 3D Printer.

(Code: Smart3d StudioPRO)
Smart3d StudioPRO 3D Printer.


This printer represents the maximum evolution of our LED technology, and is able to print at a speed of 25mm / h (with material for investment casting).

The greater power of the projector makes it an ideal production and prototyping tool for those with little time to realize their idea or have to produce almost in "real time".
Being able to print multiple variations of an idea during the day allows you to complete the project in the established time, but exploring all the variations.
Ending a small production of 10 ~ 20 pieces (rings) in 1:30 means respecting delivery times.
Questa stampante rappresenta la massima evoluzione della nostra tecnologia LED, ed Ŕ in grado di stampare alla velocitÓ di 25mm/h (con materiale per microfusione).



  • Jewelry
  • Fashion
  • Glasses
  • Small components
  • Dental
  • Models, figures
  • Earing aids


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