Smart3d RhinoDIAMOND 7

(Code: Smart3d RhinoDIAMOND)

NEW for Rhino 7: SubD support!

Specific for the jewelry industry.

The commands are distinguished by the simplicity of use, rapidity of performance and accuracy of results. They also save time during the CAD design, reduce the costs of production and the dispersion of precious metals during processing and speed up the work for the stone setter on the finished product.

Save time and precious metal!


Smart3d Pave'

Smart3d Pave', the most impressive and fast pave tool !  

Draw the stones on your jewellery objects has never been easier!

The CAD virtual stone setting is now affordable!

Azure: It can make holes and sophisticated azures "honey comb" style on polisurfaces and  you can work directly on meshes!


Have you ever wondered how long it takes to create a hand made Pave' on a jewel?

How quickly can you create a pave' with your CAD?

Smart3d Stone Brush is a command that allows you to manually place diamonds and prongs quickly and accurately, in real time by controlling the weight and the number of stones that are already placed. With a simple brush, you can freely put the stones, dynamically and in precise way, on all types of polysurface.


Put the prongs on a pave is a tedious operation and it takes time?

There is no problem, once you've placed the stones, add the prongs to fix the stones in the correct position.

Progs is an automatic system for positioning the prongs of the pave' setting. It can create all the prongs and then allows you to move and edit the parameters individually.


Smart3d Azure is an automatic system to make azure holes in your jewels, on the backside of the holes.

It creates holes, blind holes and it can create a sophisticated azure "Honeycomb" style even on polysurfaces.


Create the embedding in order to reduce the dispersion of gold and accelerate the work of the stone setters on the phisical model is now a need felt by many manifacturers.

The automatic Pre-Cut command is able (once you've the pavè) to create in a short time the pre-embedding for the stones in your 3d model.

Smart3d Pre-cut prepares the virtual object for the work of the stone setter, to allow the stones to be mounted directly in wax (Stone in place or click in stone setting).

...and also contains the following setting tools:

  • Variable adaptive array of circles on a poly surface (circles on a variable stripe).
  • Move objects along the normal (useful to move stones, prongs or anything along the normal of a ploysurface or surface).
  • Transforms closed curves in circles (useful for reverse engineering or import circles from other CAD).
  • Create prongs from circles.
  • Change diameters of circles (scale, offset, measure, limits).
  • The tool that allows you to create bezels, grifs, or logos on your object (even polysurface), with extended pipe options.
  • Powerful Boolean operations of subtraction and union.
  • and a lot of new features are coming (pave map, tech report... and others)
  • The new installer is able to check an install the new available release for you!

DOWNLOAD INSTALLER (for Smart3D customers only)

Because the sofware is always updated and released, the Microsoft's "SmartScreen Defender" feels compelled to try to prevent you from installing it, despite the fact that the installer and app are both cryptographically signed with Microsoft's tools. Windows will report Smart3d as a Verified Publisher once you make it past this blue pop-up. Follow the instructions below:

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