Smart3d MiiCraft+HR 3D printer

(Codice: Smart3d MIi HR 3D)

Smart3d MiiCraft+HR Tech Specs


Printing Function

Build Size

43mm x 27mm x 180mm

XY resolution

56 microns

Z-axis resolution

A . 5 microns as a step from 5~200 microns


3cm/hour* @ 100microns/z axis

2cm/hour* @ 40microns/z axis

1cm/hour* @ 25microns/z axis

*material dependant


Product Architecture I

Industrial Equipment (standalone, no need to connect to a PC when printing)

Product Architecture II

Printing and post curing at the same time


Printing Software

Smart3d software for Rhino 5.0 (tuned for MiiCraft)

Smart3d SupportGenerator (Automatic support generation)

Auto Model repairing

Smart3d SAMURAI Model Slicer

Printing Parameter Setting

Printer Control Software

MiiCraft+ control User Interface- via browser

Printing Progress Overview


Smart3d Anti-stick film x 6

Picker x 2

RJ45 Cable

Resin x 1 (150g/bottle)

Power adapter+ power cord

Dimension & Weight


20.8cm(L) x 20.5cm(W) x 33.5cm(H) , 8.5Kg

Full package

41.5cm(L) x 39.0cm(W) x 45.0cm(H), 10Kg

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