Smart3d KONG - Plugin Crypter

(Code: Smart3d KONG)


Kong Plugin Crypter allows you to protect and crypt your PythonScript (.py) and RhinoScript (.rvb)

You can now protect your intellectual property and your knowledge.


You'll find 3 files:

KONG Crypt (the crypt engine)

Load a RhinoScript or a PythonScript file

choose the Rhino version (4.0 or 5.0)

when you press "CRYPT!" kong will create a .rx4 .rx5 .pyx cripted file.

To execute the crypted plugin in rhino you need the KONG loader

choose a location where you want to put KONG loader (ex: C:myPlugin)

choose a location where you want to put the crypted file (it can be the same folder)

create a button in rhino. This is the example of the command you can write in the button:

-_run "c:myPluginKongLoader c:myPluginMyCryptedFile.rx5

When you press the button your plugin will be executed and your intellectual property will be protected

USE KongLoader64 if you use Rhino 5.0 64bit

PytonScript will not work on Rhino 4.0

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