Smart3D INSTALLER (for smart3D customers only).

(Code: Smart3D INSTALLER.)
Smart3D INSTALLER (for smart3D customers only).

UNIVERSAL installer for COMMERCIAL Smart3D Rhinoceros software.
This software allows those who are in possession of the DONGLE Smart3D key, with a regular updated license, to download and use the licensed software.

System requirements:

Windows 10/11 
McNeel Rhinoceros® 6/7 (windows)
Internet connection

Installler DOWNLOAD!

Because the sofware is always updated and released, the Microsoft's "SmartScreen Defender" feels compelled to try to prevent you from installing it, despite the fact that the installer and app are both cryptographically signed with Microsoft's tools. Windows will report Smart3D as a Verified Publisher once you make it past this blue pop-up. Follow the instructions below:

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