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Smart3D SupportsGenerator (BAMBOO)  is a system for generating supports  for rapid prototyping

(stereolithography, sintering or SLM).

  • Why invest hours of time on something that is immediatelythrown away?
  • Constructing supports manually is often cause of careless mistakes.
  • If you use fast stereolithography machines, you must beeven faster while you build good supports.

Smart3D SupportGenerator runs inside Rhinoceros and offers the following advantages:

  • Ability to work with many types of input files.
  • STL Slicing system with error correction and .SLC export format.
  • Compatible Smart3d prototyping machines and with several stereolithography machines and 3D printers.
  • Those already using the Rhinoceros environment is not forced to switch applications.Multiprocessor computing.
  • Runs in Rhino 5.0 64bit version.
  • Build 3D support structures in a real 3D environment.

Smart3D SupportGenerator has the following features:

  • Management with error correction of self-intersecting meshes, double, open.
  • Automatic detection of "growth points".
  • Recognition and management of the areas to be supported.
  • "Tree-View" window manager for a quick and easy identification of families of supports of the object.
  • Automatic recognition and construction of "Object to Object" and "Object toBase" supports.
  • Branching supports.
  • Editing supports already designed and saved.
  • Tools for mirrors, polar array, copy and move of the supports.
  • Closed Solids supports or two-dimensional mesh (no Boolean operationsneeded).
  • No need of Boolean operations (object+support) using .slc file format.
  • Output Files in  "_s.stl" format.

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