Smart3d GoldSmith

The beta version contains:
  • Ring Size (mandrel)
  • Balance
  • Glasses (real time visualization and material assignement system)
coming soon:
  • Stone library
  • Costs analisys


1-You don't remember the size of the rings? The RING SIZE command will help you building a circle and a cilinder corresponding the size you need!
2-Do you have a nice ring but you need to change the size?
The RING SIZE command is what you need! select the ring and all the parts that you need to resize and indicate all the resized rhings you need, the mandrel command will create all the rings for you!
With this specially created command you can change the measure of your rings (CAD projects or STL files)
without changing the shape (..preserving any holes and stones)
in  few seconds. It's an impressive saving of time compared to "redesign" the model in the correct size.
The command returns a NURBS model that you can still used in your CAD (if you have an STL file it gives you back an STL resized ring).

(NOTE: the mandrel command really recreates the correct size of your rings, IT'S NOT A 2D or 3D SCALING)


Do you need to know the weight of your models and compare them?
Use the BALANCE command and that's all!


Use the GLASSES command to visualize the model with the right colors and the right materials in real time. The GLASSES command saves your textures embedded in the .3dm Rhino file, so that if you send you file you don't have to worry about textures an materials.