Smart3dCreator 1.0

Smart3dCreator is a plugin for McNeel Rhinoceros® that allows you to export your models,colors, textures and transparencies in one single file.
Your customer can use the free Smart3dViewer to instantly view the file and navigate it in a real time rendering environment.

Key Features of Smart3dCreator:
  • Direct export from Rhino.
  • FREE Smart3dViewer for your customer! Your customers can download it ad use it for free.
  • Texture, colors and transparencies are supported. You can export all the textures you wish from Rhino in the s3v file, giving a professional real time render environment to your customer!
  • It uses a proprietary file. Your customers can only visualize the .s3v proprietary file of your model and they can not change it.
  • Has a Bullet Proof protection. There is no way to have back a 3dm file.

Administrator permissions are required install Smart3dCreator

Software Requirements:
Windows® (XP,Vista,7) 32bit or 64 bit
Framework .NET 3.5
Hardware Requirements:
A graphic card that supports, at a minimum, Shader Model 1.1, and DirectX 9.0c
We recommend using a graphics card that supports Shader Model 2.0
list of supported video cards

and export your 3d models for the Smart3dViewer!

Smart3dCreator 1.0

The price of Smart3dCreator is 98,00 euros (2 licenses)